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I am very excited to be sharing my thoughts, feelings and ideas with you, to help you enjoy life,in this and future blogs.

There are 2 pieces of advice, which I can give you to start the process of appreciating life, taking a different perspective and supporting your mind.

The first is to turn your focus to gratefulness. No matter how low we feel, what has gone wrong in our life or how unwell we feel, there is always something to be grateful for. Find a time in your day, maybe when brushing your teeth or another daily activity where you have a few minutes to yourself. Then think of one thing you are grateful for. This could be small or big, from a family member in your life, to enjoying the fresh feeling of clean teeth. This is best done at the beginning of the day, as you will find this appreciation and positive focus will grow during the day.

The second is to take time out. This will be something, which is restful and rejuvenates the mind and done daily. What it is depends on you, your likes and what you will enjoy. I would suggest trying meditation, as this is one of the most restful activities. This will enable you to rest the mind and become calm. There are many apps, websites, CDs and classes to help you meditate. Try what feels right to you and see how it changes your life. There are of course other ways to rest the mind if meditation is not for you, such as reading, long walks, gardening, music, art, creativity andmoving the body. I ensure you any activity which helps you soothe that mind, will benefit your daily life in many ways.

Enjoy these changes.

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