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A few questions answered

What’s involved 

I would always recommend a discovery call before booking an appointment. This will not only enable me to ascertain if I can help you, but it will also enable you to feel if I’m the right person for you.

All seasons are online using Zoom. I’d always recommend being hydrated and having a pen and paper to hand for you to jot down any insights, realisations or plans you discover in session. 

I work intuitively so will utilise which skills, tools and techniques will support you the most –

The spiral – emotional clearing 

Solution-focused Hypnotherapy 

Emotional freedom technique 


After the session I will give you integration activities to imbed your new findings and support your continuing evolution. 

I do not prescribe a standard set of activities, they will be based on you as an individual and are mostly drawn from within you.



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What is involved in sessions?

Most of my work is now emotional clearing work, since experiencing this for myself. The Website will be updated soon.

Emotional Clearing as a Spiral Practitioner is powerful stuff. I can utilise multiple techniques to clear trapped emotions within yourself, between you and other person and to raise you vibration (Buddha Field, Level of Consciousness and Radiance).

Meditation will be used to bring you into session, clear distracting tension and draw together your energy and clear intention for the level.



More TBA…    

What happens during my sessions?

Before the session, you will be sent a client form (Google docs) to complete

A zoom link will be sent if you choose an online session.


Listed here used to be a step by step plan of what to expect. But as I’ve evolved so has my therapy and worth.

Working with me is much like a deep conversation with some added magick. 

When we talk I will be initiatively drawn toward which therapy to use. This is often a combination so your session will be bespoke to your needs.


All great journeys start with one step…


Get in touch to find out more 


How long does a session last?

Sessions normally last between 60 to 90 minutes. This time varies as we are all unique, so your therapy should reflect this. 

What happens after my sessions?

The next appointment is then booked to give more in-depth and focused work.

Payments are made prior to sessions.

A follow up call is sometimes made, to gain progress, give further advice and for you to ask any questions.

Documentation may be sent via email, to give you a reminder of your task and techniques for self management. 

Once all your goals are achieved, seasonal or six monthly sessions are advised to support ongoing benefits. When you clear old problems, this will give you more clarity in life, a clearer mind and stronger intuition. This will make you aware of other subtle issues which will be addressed in follow up appointments.   


With Spiral clients all 8 sessions are booked in advance      

How much does it cost?

Laser Sessions 

These sessions can target a particular area in your life you wish to overcome; the list is endless, basically anything emotional, unhelpful thoughts, anxieties, fear, frustration or triggers etc. If you’re looking for greater freedom, clarity of mind, happiness and to reach a target, these are for you.

I will utilise any or all of my skills (hypnosis, EFT, emotional clearing or energy work) to discover and clear the blocks. These sessions can be powerful and a bit wacky but they are very effective. Clients often have massive realisations, greater awareness around a situation which enables a new perspective. Then after clearing the old blocks (which I’ll explain in the session) further clarity, freedom and an uplift in personal skills are achieved. Within the session great changes are made and with the integration activities I give you, you’ll be able to sustain and expand on your new way of being.



Manifestation clear / Business Spiritual Plan 

This can also be utilised for anything you want to create or achieve in your life. A set process of working through the chakras and clearing beliefs, emotional patterns and blocks holding you back. We will discover and clear the blocks in your purpose, vision, expression, openness, organisation, systems, goals and actions which will allow you a clear path to move forwards.

This modality has enabled my clients to take action with ease, achieve business goals and successfully do things they’d been putting off for years. It’s amazing how effective this is. I’ve used it multiple times to get the properties I’ve wanted, have an easeful breakup and achieve a financial goal. 



The Spiral    

This changed my life dramatically! I fell into it a few years back not knowing what to expect, but was strangely drawn to it, like a calling. Before The Spiral I seemed to be doing OK, I’d been a paramedic practitioner, therapist, mother and had a long term partner. But something wasn’t right, something was missing and I wasn’t happy. In my life I’d become lost and dis-identified with who I was. The Spiral transformed my life! It’s a modality which clears the initial blocks holding beliefs, patterns and behaviors in place. Unlike peeling back the layers, The Spiral smashes through the layers to the seed of the weeds and rips it out. The three most significant blocks for each emotion are cleared. I will then work with you to integrate the change and install your new ways of being; get back to the true you. 

Eight week journey £1500

Twelve week journey £2250


Payment plans available

Payments are taken prior to sessions 

Telephone payment available and BACS

If you are unable to make the appointment, please contact me as soon as possible, as cancellations within 24hours will not be refunded.

Are sessions online or at the clinic?

Zoom and clinic sessions are available

If you are unable to make the appointment please contact me as soon as possible, as cancellations within 24hours will not get a refund.

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