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Do you want to improve something in your life? Tried but not quite got there?

I can be your HELPING HAND to your GOAL and so much MORE!


Working with me will give you back your power to get what you want!  

You are here for a reason. Maybe you’re feeling blocked, like somethings holding you back? You’ve probably tried a few things which worked for a while but didn’t last. There perhaps feels like an invisible force, some barrier which is keeping you locked in a way you no longer want??  

These blocks are my bread and butter! 

Unconscious patterns, unhelpful beliefs, conditioning growing up and other life experiences – CAN BE CLEARED! 

With MY TOOL KIT of modalities and intuition, I will get to the nugget of what needs clearing! Then using my creativity and flow, I will give you a therapeutic intervention which will put you in optimal awareness to achieve your goals!


My journey

I’ve been fortunate to have a carer in the ambulance service, which I loved, but it took its toll. I left without direction or joy for life. I sought help and found hypnotherapy. It started my journey back to finding myself again and feelings of clarity; it was as if a great weight had been lifted.

Since working with the mind as a solution-focused hypnotherapist, I have continued to grow my repertoire of modalities. In 2019 I qualified as an emotional freedom technique therapist. More recently in June 2020, I qualified as a Spiral Practitioner.

Being a Spiral practitioner gives me not only the ability to support you through The Spiral, which is a Transformational Journey but also the ability to do focused sessions on a specific outcome/intention using Emotional Clearing. 

I am living my dream of helping people profoundly, setting them free to live their best life possible!

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If anyone wants to be hypnotised, but are sceptical, don’t be. With Chrissy you are in safe hands and really puts you at ease.

James - Hove 
James - Hove

Her amazing knowledge and ability has given me confidence in situations that I used to find stressful and try to avoid. The freedom that has come from this has not only improved my life but also of those close to me.

Katherine – Hove 
Katherine – Hove

We worked together to resolve a past issue that was causing problems for me in the present and after just one session the results were evident.

Helen – Patcham 
Helen – Patcham

Knowing I can go back to Chrissy for future treatments is really reassuring and I absolutely will. I would recommend Chrissy to anyone who like me, feels there’s no solution – now I know, there is!

Jess –Saltdean  
Jess –Saltdean

2 months on, I have lost a stone and a half, 9 cm around my waistline and am fitting into clothes I had abandoned to younger days

Annabel – Saltdean 
Annabel – Saltdean


Hypnotherapy uses a focus of attention to bypass the conscious mind and work directly with the unconscious mind, where unhelpful patterns can be held. I will help you move towards your desired future with solution-focused hypnotherapy.

Each session is unique, as I will adapt my therapy based on your skills, abilities and experiences in life. My therapy will not only treat your difficulty, but it will also enhance other aspects of your life, to give you a supportive foundations for lasting change.

If you’re ready to feel better and curious as to how hypnotherapy can help you, get in touch for chat and to book an appointment.

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