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The true you already exists deep down within, we just need to clear the blocks in the way. 

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We go through life picking up patterns and behaviors which don’t serve us. This happens unconsciously and without intention, our mind tries to protect us by initiating these blocks however conversely they hinder our progress and enjoyment of life.

Over time we experience a sense of anxiety, stress, low self worth, disbelief in our abilities and more. Anything which prevents us from doing what we want is considered an unhelpful block.

I went through life not recognising these blocks for decade then one day after some hypnosis I could see how I had been. It’s only when we’re on the other side can we fully recognise where we were being help back.

Over the years I have learnt many ways to clear these blocks; hypnosis, EFT, emotional clearing and The Spiral. It takes a life time to accumulate these blocks but just a matter of minutes to clear them. Of course there are many and we potentially create more as we live on but like gardening once the weeds are cleared it’s easier to pluck them out.

I don’t know why you’re curious about working with me, but I can assure you I will fully hold you through a journey to regain the true you, living in clarity and freedom. I will ensure you we will clear what is holding you down and will gain the skills moving forward in your life to grow and manage change.

If you choose one session or The Spiral, my ability to work quickly and effectively using my powerful intuition and energy work will be transformative.
I feel I need to offer a range of products to every pocket. In the past I have been missguided to charge a lot of money, but a greater connection to my humility and conscientiousness prices have been adjusted.

I would always advise you to give me a call to talk about what you’d like to work on. We can choose what would be best for you.

Mostly one session works well and will enable a greater understanding of where to go next.

Laser Sessions 

These sessions can target a particular area in your life you wish to overcome; the list is endless, basically anything emotional, unhelpful thoughts, anxieties, fear, frustration or triggers etc. If you’re looking for greater freedom, clarity of mind, happiness and to reach a target, these are for you.

I will utilise any or all of my skills (hypnosis, EFT, emotional clearing or energy work) to discover and clear the blocks. These sessions can be powerful and a bit wacky but they are very effective. Clients often have massive realisations, greater awareness around a situation which enables a new perspective.

Then after clearing the old blocks (which I’ll explain in the session) further clarity, freedom and an uplift in personal skills are achieved. Within the session great changes are made and with the integration activities I give you, you’ll be able to sustain and expand on your new way of being.


Manifestation Clear / Business Spiritual Plan 

This can also be utilised for anything you want to create or achieve in your life. It’s a set process of working through the chakras and clearing beliefs, emotional patterns and blocks holding you back. We will discover and clear the blocks in your purpose, vision, expression, openness, organisation, systems, goals and actions which will allow you a clear path to move forwards.
This modality has enabled my clients to take action with ease, achieve business goals and successfully do things they’d been putting off for years. It’s amazing how effective this is. I’ve used it multiple times to get the properties I’ve wanted, have an easeful breakup and achieve a financial goal.

The Spiral    

This changed my life dramatically! I fell into it a few years back not knowing what to expect, but was strangely drawn to it, like a calling.

Before The Spiral I seemed to be doing OK, I’d been a paramedic practitioner, therapist, mother and had a long term partner. But something wasn’t right, something was missing and I wasn’t happy. In my life I’d become lost and dis-identified with who I was.

The Spiral transformed my life! It’s a modality which clears the initial blocks holding beliefs, patterns and behaviors in place.

Unlike peeling back the layers, The Spiral smashes through the layers to the seed of the weeds and rips it out.

The three most significant blocks for each emotion are cleared. I will then work with you to integrate the change and install your new ways of being; get back to the true you.

The following Information is directly form Thespiral.com as I feel I may not explain it well enough, that’s dyslexia for you 🤷‍♀️


The Spiral is a powerful process for clearing the emotional baggage and conditioning that stops us from expressing our true authentic selves.


The process was founded by Dane Tomas in 2012, and came together after 12 years of experimentation with different maps and models. It combines elements and learnings from Spiral Dynamics, Kinesiology, the Chakra System and The Scale of Consciousness.


Emotional clearing is a tool for finding emotions that are stored in the body and releasing them, whereas The Spiral is a journey that utilises clearing to unlock the emotional blocks for each 7 levels of the chakra system. Once we do that, you are able to step into a whole new level of empowerment around each level. The Spiral functions as a ladder from low levels of consciousness and low vibrational energies to higher levels of consciousness and a higher vibration.


As you start to shed the baggage (that you may have held onto for years), you begin to move through the world in a lighter and easier way. Without your stories dictating what you can and cannot do, there is less resistance and self-sabotage. It becomes easier to live in the present moment, let go of the past, and step into your true authentic self.


You may have tried to create change in the past by changing your thinking (with coaching, affirmations, visualisations, etc) with little or no success. Unlike other processes that focus on removing blocks on a mental level, The Spiral goes into the body’s energy field and releases emotional blocks that are held in the body. As you free up your emotional body, you in turn free up your ability to start living the life you want.


The Spiral is for anyone who feels they have unconscious conditioning or baggage holding them back that they haven’t yet been able to get rid of. Whether struggling in life, or super successful, this work has helped people from all walks of life step into a more empowered and authentic version of themselves.


Let go of the negative blueprints from your childhood and start consciously creating the life you want.

Call for a chat, this may be the start of something amazing.  

Here is a bit more about me


I’m one of only a hand full of Spiral Practitioners in the UK (250 world wide)

Clearing the blocks holding you back is my purpose in life. Freeing you up to be your true self on this planet brings me joy and meaning.

My journey

I was small, conditioned by experiences and beliefs which took me from my path. I was bound by low worth, shame and fear. This inaction made my life stagnant and toxic. You would not have known it from the outside, I had a successful career running my business and being a Mum, but all was not well behind my eyes. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m now grateful for the struggles as it has guided me to where I need to be and my past is now the fertiliser for my future. 

This flip in my internal world started when I was guided to turn down my ideal job as a Paramedic Practitioner in a GP’s surgery in 2017. 

I had no cognitive reason for doing this, but I felt in my soul it was the right thing to do.

I now understand why this choice was made. I am meant to help people, in an emotional, energetic, embodied, and spiritual way.

I have been very busy learning and mastering hypnotherapy, EFT, Emotional clearly and The Spiral, which has given me a powerful modality to transform lives. 

My manifesting generator and intuitive power, cuts through to the source of patters and blocks holding people back. This quick and powerful work enables rapid transitions from old ways into a new more aligned life for you to live. 

I bring together multiple tools, systems and skills to reset and upgrade your life in a way which has always been there but just needs unearthing. 

Working with me is powerful and transformational, choosing to take care of yourself and invest in you future will pay you back ten fold. 


chrissy huffman brighton rottingdean hypnotherapist

If anyone wants to be hypnotised, but are sceptical, don’t be. With Chrissy you are in safe hands and really puts you at ease.

James - Hove 
James - Hove

Her amazing knowledge and ability has given me confidence in situations that I used to find stressful and try to avoid. The freedom that has come from this has not only improved my life but also of those close to me.

Katherine – Hove 
Katherine – Hove

We worked together to resolve a past issue that was causing problems for me in the present and after just one session the results were evident.

Helen – Patcham 
Helen – Patcham

Knowing I can go back to Chrissy for future treatments is really reassuring and I absolutely will. I would recommend Chrissy to anyone who like me, feels there’s no solution – now I know, there is!

Jess –Saltdean  
Jess –Saltdean

2 months on, I have lost a stone and a half, 9 cm around my waistline and am fitting into clothes I had abandoned to younger days

Annabel – Saltdean 
Annabel – Saltdean
hypnotherapist in rottingdean saltean sussex

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