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Fear & Phobias

Being over fearful of a thing will be due to an initial shock, which gets worse over time. Let me help you clear that old memory to allow you to move on.

Why am I so scared?

At any time in our life we can get a shock, which causes the flight or fight or freeze response. This memory can then become imbedded in the unconscious mind. The fear can then become linked to other aspects related to this event. For example – having a painful sting and now fearing all insects, experiencing some turbulence and now fearing all travel and being startled by a spider and now fearing all insects: the list could go on and on. This response can also be learnt from caregivers and others around us. These are fears created by the unconscious mind to protect us, from that experience, but this phobia can often get in the way of how we want to live our life. I can help you overcome that fear.

Hypnotherapy can help

Once we find a possible cause and associated events, I will be able to use hypnotherapy to move that unhelpful memory away: it is not aways posable to find a cause, but the therapy will be equally effective. This will then stop the domino effect of excessive fear when you see, feel or hear the thing you have difficulty with. I will then be able to support you to have a more balanced response in the future. You will then be able to move forward without that old fear.


You will leave our session feeling refreshed and as if a weight has been lifted. I will also give you techniques to manage any rising symptoms, a task and advice for further progress.

A follow up will also be made to gain progress, give further advice and for you to ask any questions.

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Chrissy is an understanding, intuitive therapist who ensures that time spent with her is enjoyable and relaxing. We worked together to resolve a past issue that was causing problems for me in the present and after just one session the results were evident.

I have no hesitation in returning to Chrissy in the future if I need support, or in recommending her to others.

Helen - Patcham

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