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Sleep Well

Without good sleep we can feel drained, foggy and anxious. Let me sooth you into regular, deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Why poor sleep?

Poor sleep can be caused for many reasons, from what we put in our bodies to our experiences in life. These can cause difficulties going to sleep, waking in the night, difficulty going back to sleep and early waking. We seem to have lost the ability to ease into sleep naturally. I can clear what’s getting in the way of you sleeping well and give you skills to drift off in a natural way.

How can solution-focused hypnotherapy help?

With solution-focused hypnotherapy I will be able to identify what’s preventing normal sleep, build up your ability to sleep well and teach you techniques to get to sleep naturally. Not sleeping well can be caused for many reasons, but for each one of them I have the ability to alter the behaviour, habit or influence, which is stealing your sleep. I can also provide advice on altering your night-time routine and to let you drift off without thinking about it.


You will leave our session feeling deeply refreshed, confident about sleeping and well informed. I will also give you techniques to drift into sleep, a task and advice for further progress.

A follow up will also be made to gain progress, give further advice and for you to ask any questions.

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My insomnia had become increasingly worse as the pressure to juggle work and real life intensified – three gorgeous children and my role as a lecturer never let up! I’d tried giving up caffeine, alcohol, exercising more, exercising less, apps, but nothing worked. My sleep pattern was erratic and it was making me more and more anxious.

I had one session with Chrissy and was amazed at the results.

Chrissy is a calm and patient practitioner, she tuned in to my specific issues and worked with me on techniques to help me relax. She was attentive and professional and I felt at ease but the session was purposeful. Having established my needs, Chrissy then led me through a hypnotherapy session and by the end I felt soothed and relaxed. I didn’t have huge expectations from one session, I’d enjoyed it and it felt positive which seemed enough. Since then however, my sleep has improved dramatically. The white noise and tossing and turning have stopped and I now confidently expect to get a full night sleep.

It has made such a difference and I feel ready to face the challenges and joys each day brings. Knowing I can go back to Chrissy for further treatments is really reassuring and I absolutely will.

I would recommend Chrissy to anyone who like me, feels there’s no solution – now I know, there is!

Jess – Saltdean

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