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The Spiral

The Spiral – Transformational journey

My Experience so far

Back in September 2019, I heard about The Spiral. It sounded intriguing and promised to clear the blocks holding us back from our true potential.

So I dove in!

From the outside, everything looked OK. I’d been a paramedic practitioner and was successful as a solution-focused hypnotherapist & EFT therapist, but something felt heavy, I felt held back by something I couldn’t explain 

My life since going through The Spiral has changed dramatically.

I express myself unapologetically (a BIG shift for me!), I no longer have multiple triggers, and I’ve found my happiness & purpose. I’m achieving my personal, business, health and self-care goals with ease. The bonus being the changes occur for many months if not years after the journey.

Feeling the changes for myself and seeing how it benefits the people around me, drew me to becoming a Spiral Practitioner – so I can now support you thought this process, to become the real you!

The spiral transformation techniques

What is The Spiral?

The Spiral is a powerful eight-week journey, which clears emotional baggage, and conditioning, which prevents us from living our authentic and joyful life.

It was created by Dane Thomas in 2012, after 12 years of developing this modality. It combines Spiral Dynamics, Kinesiology, the Charka Systems and The Scale of Consciousness; to find and clear emotional blocks.

Going through life, we experience events, which alter the way we flow through and experience life. Caregivers, peers and our environment programs our beliefs and responses to the world around us. These blocks of unhelpful beliefs and reactions to our environment weigh us down and keep us stuck.

Each session clears unhelpful patterns and conditioning around three emotions; such as shame, guilt and fear. The three most significant blocks are then cleared for each emotion. Throughout the journey, the faulty patters around 22 emotions are covered.

Each session leaves you without the old constraints and enables you to step forward with empowerment, clarity and freedom.

Sessions one through to seven will clear the energies and emotions holding you back. The final session is for integration and incorporates a Manifestation Clear, which will remove the blocks in the way of your future intention/desire. Often this intention changes during Spiral as we become more intuitive, free-flowing and aware of our feelings & desires.

What will you choose to manifest?

It manages all the body functions, your senses, automatic reactions and also what you learnt. It’s amazing but it can also store negative learnt patterns, unwanted behaviours & reactions and unpleasant emotions.

Hypnotherapy is able to connect with the unconscious mind, in a dream state, to move on from those unwanted patterns, behaviours and emotions.

I can use metaphors, stories and information gathered from you to move the mind from those issues and onto your desired future. Each session is unique, as I will adapt my therapy based on your skills, abilities and experiences in life.

My therapy will not only treat your difficult, but it will also enhance other aspects of your life, to give you supportive foundations for lasting change.

the spiral communities

Who would suit Spiral?

Spiral is for anyone feeling stuck, lost or experiencing uncertainty.

It can also be a significant upgrade for entrepreneurs, business owners and parents. To clear overwhelm, anxiety, and so may other blocks.

This journey increases creativity, flow, empowerment and clarity of mind to enable easeful choices and actions to get what we want!

What will I do for you?

I will fully support you through this journey to uncovering the real and successful you; where ever you want that to be in your life.

My intuition, therapeutic skills, and natural abilities to connect will enable the most significant change for you during Spiral.

Included in Spiral

I will send you a pre-spiral questionnaire to start the process; this will also give me everything I need to know to achieve your goal

Zoom links that can copy into your calendar

Weekly journal forms to clarify intention and actions to support growth.

Integration activities between sessions

I will also send you invitations to the Spiral communities for further support and a forum to express and be held.

I will also teach you how to self-clear, which will give you this skill moving forwards.

When Can I Start? 

I mostly take my clients through at the some time; sessions are completely on a 1:1 bases.

For more info visit thesprial.com or my facebook page

If this feel right, call me for a chat.

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