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Here are some reviews from my clients 

Future benefits 

I love to hear how my clients have benefited from our sessions together. Changes also continue over time much like ripples in the ocean. 

I came to know Chrissy through a mutual friend who suggested that I spoke to her regarding anxiety. An accident that happened to my Dad in 2015 left me with terrible anxiety to the point where it was affecting my work and my relationships.

Chrissy was able to quickly untangle the issues and after just 1 hypnotherapy session I felt so so much less anxious.

I suddenly didn’t feel like everyone that I knew was going to die and I was able to go to sleep without thinking the worst for hours before finally falling asleep.

I really cannot thank Chrissy enough for helping me. I would highly recommend that if you are suffering with anxiety that you make an appointment. You won’t regret it.

Anxiety & Trauma

Kate – Hove

Chrissy is an amazing Hypnotherapist and Solution Focus Psychotherapist.

She very calm and knowledgeable with an amazing gentle voice and approach.
Even though we did the course together Chrissie put me at ease so calmly and quickly using the right technique.

Her approach is very gently, honest and very patient.

Chrissie questions really made me think and set the appropriate task and use the correct approach for me to achieve my goals.

I went and saw her because I was very anxious about traveling anywhere and using anything form of transportation especially alone.

Even on the day I went I saw her I was extremely anxious and by the end of her approach and skills I was so relax and calm and now I am going every where, in my own. Using transportation and if their diversion and very calm and relax and figure it out and most of all I enjoy traveling now.

While before I hyperventilate, get cold and sweaty, panicky and so stress out that I chicken out and go back. Or even I won’t travel I cancel.

Chrissy is very passionate, caring therapist.

I recommend her to anyone.

If you want to change your life believe me Chrissy is the right person.


Asma - Croydon

I have had 1 session with Chrissy.

The focus was on weight loss, I wasn’t convinced I was unhypnotiseable, never mind that it could work.

Chrissy talked to me about my hopes and habits before starting the hypno part of the session.

She tapped into my love of nature and history on a subconscious level, talking quietly to me whilst I closed my eyes and relaxed.

2 months on, I have lost a stone and a half, 9 cm around my waistline and am fitting into clothes I had abandoned to younger days.
I’ve completely lost the desire for chocolate, cake and most food that comes packaged.

Great result. I am thrilled!


Annabel - Saltdean

Chrissy Huffman is an amazing person, and when we had our first session together, she amazed me at how she easily connected to me and knew what i needed and wanted.

She was able to make a place aside, where I can come and go from, set goals, gain achievements and release some frustrations and anger.

I left feeling more relaxed, less stressed and in control of what was going to happen next in my life, which was a massive career change and not just for me but for my family life too.

I trust Chrissy not only with my mind but with my feelings and emotions, she was professional and very caring.

Personal Development

Ceri - Saltdean

My insomnia had become increasingly worse as the pressure to juggle work and real life intensified – three gorgeous children and my role as a lecturer never let up! I’d tried giving up caffeine, alcohol, exercising more, exercising less, apps, but nothing worked. My sleep pattern was erratic and it was making me more and more anxious.

I had one session with Chrissy and was amazed at the results.

Chrissy is a calm and patient practitioner, she tuned in to my specific issues and worked with me on techniques to help me relax. She was attentive and professional and I felt at ease but the session was purposeful. Having established my needs, Chrissy then led me through a hypnotherapy session and by the end I felt soothed and relaxed. I didn’t have huge expectations from one session, I’d enjoyed it and it felt positive which seemed enough. Since then however, my sleep has improved dramatically. The white noise and tossing and turning have stopped and I now confidently expect to get a full night sleep.

It has made such a difference and I feel ready to face the challenges and joys each day brings. Knowing I can go back to Chrissy for further treatments is really reassuring and I absolutely will.

I would recommend Chrissy to anyone who like me, feels there’s no solution – now I know, there is!


Jess – Saltdean

Chrissy is an understanding, intuitive therapist who ensures that time spent with her is enjoyable and relaxing. We worked together to resolve a past issue that was causing problems for me in the present and after just one session the results were evident.

I have no hesitation in returning to Chrissy in the future if I need support, or in recommending her to others.

Past Issues

Helen - Patcham

I found Chrissy very reassuring, as I was slightly apprehensive about discussing a longstanding issue, which I couldn’t resolve on my own.

It was a revelation when she quickly identified that my resistance to change was because of a fear my problem would move to the opposite extreme. The alternative perspectives experienced during Chrissy’s techniques helped me gain awareness of the possible causes and clarity on how it impacted other areas in my life.

Her amazing knowledge and ability has given me confidence in situations that I used to find stressful and try to avoid.

The freedom that has come from this has not only improved my life but also of those close to me.

Personal Development

Katherine - Hove

I recently saw a hypnotist named Chrissy about a few problems I had. I had some issues regarding abuse when I was a child.

Over the years I have found that I have self-sabotaged a lot in my life. Whether it be relationships or social situations. These problems would arise mainly when I had been drinking heavily. I would go back to the problems in my past and let out my frustrations. Anyway I asked Chrissy not for help to stop drinking. But for help letting go of the past.

From the moment I was in a trance to now, I am pleased to say that I have been able to laugh off the bad things that have happened in my life.

I have also had a problem with my nail biting. I have always done it since I remember and I don’t know where it stems from. My nails looked horrible as I was constantly biting them. Now I’m not going to lie. There are occasions where I might still have a nibble. But I can go for a week or two without feeling the need. This is something that I do believe I can stop doing.

Since seeing Chrissy I have not felt the need to have a drink like I used to.

I am feeling a lot stronger in myself.

Because of this I am determined to stop biting my nails and I know I will succeed. I have seen doctors numerous times over the years for help dealing with my issues. Being a spiritual person I have found that pills don’t normally work.

If anyone wants to be hypnotised but are sceptical, don’t be. With Chrissy you are in safe hands and really puts you at ease.

Overcoming trauma

James - Brighton

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