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About Chrissy

“Chrissy is an amazing hypnotherapist & solution-focused psychotherapist “

My Journey

From a young age I have always felt the need to help others; caring for my gran and then mother. I took the natural step into working for the ambulance service. I made my way through the ranks and achieved two degrees; one in Foundation of Science as a paramedic and the other as a Bachelor of Science as a paramedic practitioner. I was able to treat people in their time of need with speed, clarity and calmness. I thought there was no better job, but due to the long hours, night shifts, physical and mental exhaustion, I took the difficult decision to leave after 15 years of service. I have fond memories and a great sense of achievement when looking back at what I was able to do for people.

A time for change

Many months after leaving the service I realised something was missing; I needed to help people once again. This time I chose to help people through the mind after gaining the benefits myself.

I went to see someone as I was feeling flat and had lost direction. I had done some research into therapies and discovered that hypnotherapy is able to work quickly, achieve goals and all without having to focus on past difficulties.

I arrived not knowing what to expect, with a few nerves thrown in, but she soon put me at ease. Following my session my mind was clearer, I was more focused and resilient.

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New beginnings

Since having other sessions my traumas have been cleared and my busy mind is calmed. I have regained focus, improved my relationships with others and soothed my anxiety. I feel rebuilt from the ground up, stronger and surer of myself. Over time these benefits have increased and I still feel the ripple effects of this transformational treatment.

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Why solution-focused hypnotherapy?

Choosing to train as a solution-focused hypnotherapist was an easy one, as it’s uplifting, positive and unique to the individual; no scripts are used. Most therapies try to analyse, break down and understand problems, which can be distressing.

However solution-focused hypnotherapy does not focus on problems but rather it focuses on moving away from them and creating solutions, which are unique to you. This will give you a different perspective and enable us to paint the picture of the future you. This is further supported with hypnotherapy, which will set in action the changes you need.

I have recently experienced a therapy called The Spiral. It’s a way of clearing those initial installs of unhelpful responses to our environment and emotions; such as guilt, fear, anxiety (22 emotional clears in total). It irradiates the emotional baggage laid down the years. It has given me my clear purpose, clarity, true awareness and I am now able to do things I would not have dreamt of before (Live stream, Vlogs, shameless self-expression and a clear picture of were I’m heading!)

I will be qualified as a Spiral Practitioner in June 2020. So get in touch to find out more or to book The Spiral for yourself. It’s an 8-week course, one session a week.

First 5 clients will be discounted.



I really love what I do. I’m enjoying my brighter future, which is helping people in my community as others have helped me.

Chrissy Huffman BSc, Dip Hyp Psych

I am registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council. I maintain a continuing professional development to build on my skills and am insured through Balens specialist brokers.

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