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Get off the treadmill

Why in this modern age of development, prosperity and advancement do a lot of us have difficulties managing our day-to-day lives?

I’d struggled to keep my head above water and felt like I was on a treadmill, just repeating day after day (work, eat, sleep, repeat). Where had the fun gone, how had I lost the joy? But then I discovered the power of hypnotherapy, meditation and acupuncture.

The Marine Clinic – Rottingdean

Acupuncture at the Marine Clinic in Rottingdean was my first port of call. David Bennett is kind, caring and informative.  He guided me to a better place. The treatments were powerful and I could feel the energies shifting when being treated. It was relaxing, enjoyable and gave me emotional strength to look for a new focus in life. I now see him seasonally for a balance, much like pressing a reset button.

Solution focused hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy cleared anxiety left over from working for the ambulance service and built my resilience to move forward in a new career as a solution focused hypnotherapist. It gives a great sense of release from problems, undoes bad habits and clears traumas; to name but a few. I’ve seen how people reconnect to their true selves and regain their instincts & intuition. It has also helped people to find their way and gives them a clear direction in their life. Some clients have changed jobs, been inspired to try new things and realised their full potential. I love my job!

Meditation – highly recommended

Meditation is incredible at easing the mind. It helps the body to recover from the daily grind. It sends you to far off lands and you can experience such deep relaxation that those every day problems fade away. There are classes in most areas, mobile apps, websites and YouTube has good recordings. Alternatively, you could just sit and let your mind wander into an enjoyable place or just completely clear your mind; the possibilities are infinite. If you’ve tried it before or currently practice meditations, be curious about different styles to broaden your experience. Meditation is best practiced regularly so do it at least once or more a day. I often do mine as I’m going to sleep.

I’m curious to find out what you’ve chosen to try and what improvements you’ll notice. Let me know how you get on and if you want to find out more about hypnotherapy and how it can help you.

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